OmniCX- Marketing Automation Platform

No two customers are alike. No problem.
Personalize, organize and deliver your cross-channel campaigns.

OmniCX is an all-in-one marketing automation solution enabling enterprises to build personalized multi-channel targeted campaigns. OmniCX allows email, text messages, IVR and web outreach through automated communication flows. We enable enterprises to reach each customer and lead with messages that appeal to their personal needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships.

Personalized Journey and Targeting

Send the Right Message in the preferred Channel increasing interaction and conversion

Multi-Channel Outreach

Activate and engage customers and lead in an integrated manner across various engagement channels

Targeted segmentation

Identify customers more effectively with integrated customer profiles and customized segments

Next Best Action Execution

Deliver relevant, contextual and timely messages based on customer preferences, need and engagement behavior

Automated and integrated Outreach

Engage Customer in a seamless fashion throughout automated workflows

Analytics and Optimization

Test, analyze, and optimize campaigns – for better results

Alhev OmniCX delivering Experiences

Personalize each experience
Personalize content and deliver experiences that are meaningful to each customer — and do it at scale.

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Orchestrate the journey
Present individualized cross-channel campaigns that encourage meaningful customer experiences.

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Automate campaigns
Use marketing automation to increase your campaign productivity and reduce time to market.

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