Best Facebook Ad Tools to Optimize Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ad Tools are a great way to quickly create amazing Facebook Ads, improve productivity and boost the ROI of your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Here are 5 Facebook Ad Tools to help you efficiently create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns for your business.

Facebook Ads Manager is a really useful mobile app that enables advertisers to easily manage Facebook Ad Campaigns using mobile devices. It allows you to track Facebook Ad Campaign performance, edit your existing ads, update ad budget & schedule, receive push notifications from the app, and even create Facebook Ads directly from the app.

  • Facebook Ads Manager App:
    Facebook Ads Manager is a super convenient and powerful tool for advertisers to easily manage ads from anywhere, anytime. It’s meant for small to medium sized advertisers and allows you to create Facebook Ads using existing page posts or from images & photos on your device. Facebook Ads Manager is available as iOS app and Android app.

  • Facebook Ads Exclusion Targeting:
    Facebook Advertising Platform provides tons of ad targeting options that enable you to precisely define your ad target audience using a wide range of targeting criteria and filters. Did you know that you can even exclude certain user segments from your Facebook Ad Campaigns, for better advertising results?

  • Qwaya:
    Qwaya is an awesome Facebook Advertising Tool that provides tons of useful features such as ad scheduling, campaign organizer, autorotation of ads, and performance-based rule setting. However, it’s most powerful feature is the ability to automate A/B testing (split testing) of your ads. In fact, it allows you to do A/B testing for both ad creatives as well as target audiences.

  • AdEspresso’s Facebook Ads Compass Report:
    AdEspresso’s Facebook Ads Compass is a great Facebook Management tool to track the performance of your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. It also allows you to monitor ad campaign performance for multiple accounts from one place. So, if you’re an ad agency, you can easily select which account and ad campaign you want to monitor and analyze, so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the information.